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Paroxetine Treatments May Increase Risk of Spontaneous Abortion

Are you a woman who is pregnant or may become pregnant and currently takes Paxil? If so, you should know that spontaneous abortion may be a potential side effect to the paroxetine treatment that you’ve been prescribed.


According to a recent study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the use of antidepressants like Paxil and other selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) was associated with an increased risk of spontaneous abortion. Although the risk was not overwhelming, it was statistically significant. And it was certainly cause for concern.


Many female patients want to know all of the potential side effects they face when their doctor prescribes them prescription medication. Unfortunately, some makers of dangerous drugs don’t take appropriate precautions to guard against unwary consumers. Tragically, too many of these patients – and their unborn children – pay the price.


Are you ready to find out more about the side effects associated with Paxil and other SSRIs, including spontaneous abortion? Are you concerned that your child may have been injured as a result of your antidepressant prescription? The legal experts at Fears Nachawati are prepared to help you answer these difficult questions.


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Paroxetine Treatments May Increase Risk of Spontaneous Abortion