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10 Tips for Safe Driving in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

In the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area, more and more people are getting into accidents and injuries due to reckless driving. Here are some tips that can help prevent automobile accidents:

• Check all your tires’ air pressure before driving.
• Spare yourself from getting stranded—make sure your spare tire has air, and the pressure is where it needs to be.
• Check your vehicle’s fluid levels and ensure that there is adequate coolant in the radiator.
• In the evening make sure your headlights are bright enough and are operational.
• Always put your left/right light signal on before turning, (do this every time)
• Get an earpiece for your phone and keep it on at all times while driving. Crash studies show cell phone use is one of the largest causes of accidents in Dallas Fort Worth area.
• Even if you are in a hurry, speeding will only increases the chances of an auto accident. Is your life really worth saving a few minutes?
• Make sure you come to a complete stop at a stop sign, especially in neighborhoods where children oftentimes play in the street.
• Do not eat, apply makeup, or read while driving.
• Always put on your seatbelt.

If you find yourself or a loved one injured in an accident, call 911 and go to your nearest hospital. If you or someone you know has been in an accident due to a reckless driver, contact the lawyers at Fears & Nachawati. They can tell you whether you have a case and if a fair settlement is obtainable.

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