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Leading the Charge in Complex Cases

Most people fall victim to corporate negligence because they think they don’t have a passionate voice to fight injustice. At Nachawati Law Group, we balance the scales of justice by giving each client that voice to fight.

Large corporations insulate themselves from scrutiny and responsibility by using their vast wealth and influence over the public. We fight corporate injustices for our clients by delivering passionate, persistent, professional, and trustworthy representation.

Our Areas of Practice

Nationally, our law firm leads the charge in complex cases such as defective medical devices and pharmaceuticals, catastrophic personal injury, water pollution, and environmental damage claims.

Medical Drug and Medical Device

We prosecute pharmaceutical and medical device injuries. Every day, we…

Sexual Assault, Abuse or Harassment

Nachawati Law Group is committed to providing victims of sexual…

Auto Accidents & Catastrophic Personal Injury

Auto accidents occur on Texas roads approximately every 67 seconds,…

Opioid Lawsuits

Since the 1990s, the Opioid Epidemic in the U.S. has…

Talcum Powder

Have you been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after regular use…

Appellate Law

Our appellate division handles widely-disputed and high-profile legal controversies. The…

RoundUp Weed Killer

Have you experienced health complications due to being exposed to…

Public Clients

We are here to help protect state and local governments,…

Environmental, Air, and Water Contamination Law

Environmental hazards occur when entities or individuals intentionally or negligently…

What Our Clients Think

Benjamin Penticoff contacted me in relation to the cancer I had a few years back. Turns out it may be related to a product many of used every day without thinking about it. Talcum Powder. They have such a positive energy and committment to my ...

Ronald W.

This law firm is so approachable and friendly. I fely like my brother was representing me. Turns out it more the product many of used every day without thinking about it and going to more. I would definitely use them fro everything i need ...

Jennifer B.

Our Attorneys

Majed Nachawati
John Raggio
Gibbs Henderson
Darren McDowell
Ann Saucer
Steven Schulte
Brian E. McMath
Sherilyn James Forsythe
Gale Pearson
Drew Bias
Erin Wood
Bonan W. Link
Donald Furness
Emily Asel
Joseph Sabo
Justin Gathright
Matthew Ryan Jones
Michael Focht
Michael Gorwitz
Morgan Latin

Injured By a Bad Drug or Medical Product? We’re Here to Help.

Dealing with a pharmaceutical drug or medical device injury can be a very distressing experience. We have an experienced team of attorneys and staff members who focus on these types of situations and we’re here to help you navigate through your ordeal.