June 30, 2015

Supreme Court Says No Immediate Appeal for Many Bankruptcy Issues

Most bankruptcy cases are comprised of different debt issues between the debtor and several creditors – all who are competing to get at the... Read More

June 23, 2015

Crucial Conference Status on Transvaginal Mesh Being Held in June

Today, June 2nd, U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin of the Southern District of West Virginia will hold a crucial conference status meeting where the... Read More

More Than a Dozen Ethicon Mesh Lawsuits to Go to Jury

Judge Joseph Goodwin, the federal judge in charge of overseeing multidistrict litigation involving transvaginal mesh and sling products, has moved to... Read More

October Bellwether Trial Scheduled for Zimmer NexGen Knee Implants

More than a thousand cases related to Zimmer NexGen knee implants have been filed and consolidated in federal court in Illinois. The federal judge... Read More

Xarelto Sales Continue to Rise Even as Patients Continue to Face Complications

Xarelto, the blockbuster anticoagulant that was approved by the FDA in 2011, has recently seen an increase in sales even as the drug continues to... Read More

More Studies Suggest Xarelto Could Double Risk for Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Xarelto, a relatively new prescription blood thinner, was first approved by the FDA in 2011 for patients who were at risk of developing blood clots... Read More

Foreign Regulators Raise New Questions About Xarelto

Foreign regulators in Australia are questioning whether additional blood monitoring on new anticoagulants would make the drugs safer. These drugs... Read More

June 22, 2015

The Anatomy of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court System

Once upon a time, most laymen knew what “going to court” meant. Today, we have a complex web of hierarchical courts and subject matter specific... Read More

June 19, 2015

“Big Three” Credit Reporting Agencies Agree to Reforms

Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are credit reporting agencies (“CRAs”) that maintain consumer credit information on approximately 200 million... Read More