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3 Most Common Types of Injuries After a Truck Accident

Getting into any vehicular accident is horrible news, but the difference between getting into a car wreck and a truck accident can vary greatly, depending on the size and speed of the truck. More mass equals much more damage – damage that often leads to more serious injuries and death.

The National Institute of Traffic and Highway Safety notes that about 73 percent of all truck crash deaths and injuries are suffered by people hit by the truck. That’s about three out of four people in a smaller vehicle that get injured in a truck accident.

A good Houston truck accident lawyer, like the ones at Fears Nachawati, has seen plenty of cases with too much damage caused by reckless truck drivers and unsafe trucks. They’ve successfully helped victims and their families collect large settlements for their pain and suffering.

3 Serious Injuries Most Often Related To a Truck Accident

While there are emotional issues, as well as loss of wages and possible disability, caused by a truck accident, the following three injuries are the most common ones that necessitate a large settlement in compensation.

Back and Neck Injuries

From minor neck pain to dislocated discs in your spine, a truck hitting your car is bound to have a major impact on your spine. Unfortunately, your spine is the literal backbone to your skeletal system, and it often creates many problems for the rest of your body once it’s injured. Even minor back and neck injuries have prevented people from going back to work for months, and it’s very difficult to determine what kind of issues you will have in the coming years.

Head Injuries

One of the most troubling and difficult to diagnose problems caused by an accident with a truck, head injuries can change a person’s lifestyle in an instant. Even if you’re not knocked unconscious by the accident, you might end up dealing with dizziness, nausea, problems with your vision and confusion. Major concussions and whiplash can cause a victim problems for the rest of their lives, including loss of cognitive and motor functions.

Internal Injuries

Blunt trauma suffered in a truck accident might not result in any lacerations that cause a lot of blood loss, but they can still cause major internal bleeding to your organs. That means your bladder, kidney, liver, pancreas and spleen could be damaged and you won’t see any visible signs until a major examination by a physician. Also, you could have broken bones after a truck accident, or at least more so than if you were in an accident with another similar sized car.

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