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3M Comes to Table with $12.5B Settlement Over PFAS Forever Chemicals

There were signs of progress in 2023 in our fight to hold 3M and other chemical manufacturers accountable for harms caused by their widespread use of PFAS “forever chemicals.” Our mass torts litigation team is actively evaluating a proposed settlement valued up to $12.5 billion for Public Water Suppliers whose drinking water has been contaminated by the negligent use and disposal of these chemicals. 

Nachawati Law Group Partner Gale Pearson is a recognized leader in this area. She filed the first-ever lawsuit against 3M over PFAS  contamination on behalf of Minnesota communities. Her state obtained the first settlement with 3M, prevailing in the company’s corporate backyard. Since then, she’s been leading the fight on behalf of communities across the country seeking to protect their water supplies and safeguard taxpayer funds.

While the proposed settlement addresses governmental entity plaintiffs, other victims are waiting for justice. That includes firefighters who were exposed to the chemicals from AFFF fire retardant foam and individuals who have been sickened by exposure.

It’s a story we’ve heard too many times before: Regulation has failed to protect Americans from a dangerous chemical. For generations, regulators looked the other way as manufacturers like 3M recklessly added PFAS to a wide range of products with no concern about the health and safety consequences.