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6 Tips to Prevent Workplace Slips and Falls

Slips and falls in the workplace can almost always be prevented with some smart planning and safe forethought.

Every year, millions of dollars are paid out as compensation for lawsuits and settlements involving injuries in the workplace that could have been prevented.

If you’re a victim of an accident that happened at your place of employment, you should definitely seek both medical attention and legal representation.

Fears and Nachawati is a law firm that represents hundreds of workplace accident victims across the state of Texas. A work injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve because they know what steps you need to take after an accident, and they understand how to investigate these cases and pursue justice.

Six Tips to Prevent Workplace Slip and Falls

These simple suggestions will help both you and your employer avoid most workplace accidents.

1. Plan Out Your Workspace and a Routine

By carefully thinking out how your workspace should be laid out, with plenty of space and properly placed work stations, you can avoid plenty of potentially bad incidents.

You can prevent other accidents by making sure you have well-thought out routines, putting everything back in its place, cleaning up every day and setting up your workplace for the next day’s work.

2. Assign Safety Supervisors and Someone to Clean Up After

An employer should consider assigning safety supervisors to be diligent, looking out for any possible areas that might cause a future accident. While assigning duties, someone should be assigned time to go around and make sure all areas are properly cleaned to avoid slippage.

3. Improve Traction on Slippery Areas

Speaking of avoiding slippage, there are plenty of safety tools and procedures safety companies take to improve where you and other employees walk through. Parking lots, sidewalks and work floors should have the proper amount of traction, which might mean some adhesive strips or anti-skid paint is necessary. If an area is wet, proper signage should be set up around the area until it is thoroughly cleaned and fully dried.

4. Get Better Lighting

People have different levels of eyesight, so while a wet area might be visible to some, others might not see it at all. Make sure you have enough lighting installed in your workplace, especially in walkways.

5. Keep Walkways Clear

While we’re on the subject of walkways, always be sure to k,keep them clear. Is there enough room for two people to pass each other without hitting or stumbling on anything?. A good practice is to avoid storing things, even temporarily, in a walkway or hallway.

6. Wear Appropriate Footwear

All employees should be wearing proper footwear in any workplace. If their soles are slick or their shoelaces aren’t tied correctly, falling in the workplace is much more likely. When workplace accidents are investigated, the victim’s footwear will certainly be inspected.

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