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6 Worst Intersections in the Austin Area

Sometimes, it can feel like we can’t really agree on anything today, but one thing almost all residents of Austin agree on and know all too well is that the traffic here is not pretty. Thankfully, it isn’t quite as bad as Houston, but that doesn’t make the day-to-day commute any less challenging for those trying to get around Austin during rush hour.

The sheer number of cars on Austin’s roads today will inevitably lead to car wrecks and accidents. While these accidents often seem to be random, when you zoom out and look at the data and patterns over time, a different picture begins to emerge. When looking at crash data over a number of years, one can see clusters of accidents that seem to repeat time and time again, often centered around dangerous intersections or highway interchanges. These clusters represent a disproportionate number of the overall car wrecks in the city of Austin.

While accidents can and do happen all across the city, it can be helpful for drivers to be aware of the most dangerous intersections where crashes occur regularly and where they should be sure to maintain a heightened awareness of other drivers.

The Texas Department of Transportation took a look at the crash data over four years across the state of Texas and found that six of the most dangerous intersections were right here in the greater Austin area. The following are the six worst intersections in and around the city of Austin and the ones where you should practice extra caution.

6. Riverside & Willow Creek in Austin with 51 crashes.

5. S Lakeline Boulevard & W Whitestone Boulevard in Cedar Park with 54 crashes.

4. Lamar Boulevard & Parmer Lane in Austin with 56 crashes.

3. Riverside Drive & S Pleasant Valley Road in Austin with 68 crashes.

2. Butler Road & Lamar Boulevard in Austin with 69 crashes.

1. 183A & Whitestone Boulevard in Cedar Park with 120 crashes.

As you can see, there are some areas which are obviously more prone to accidents and something which could be attributed to a number of different causes, including poor visibility for drivers, high volumes of traffic, poor signalization, among a number of other factors. Oftentimes, it is simply impatient or imprudent drivers darting out and trying to make a turn when there isn’t enough time or space.

Knowing where and why the bulk of these car wrecks occur can help you remain vigilant and avoid accidents when passing through known problem areas, but even the most cautious driver may one day find themselves involved in a car accident in Austin due to the negligent actions of another driver.

If you’ve been involved in a car wreck, then you need the help of an experienced Austin car accident attorney who understands Texas traffic laws and how to determine and prove who was at fault. Having great legal representation is one of the best steps you can take following an accident in order to ensure you aren’t held liable for something that wasn’t your fault, and that you are able to receive the compensation you need and deserve after a wreck.

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