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Actos Patients Take Action

Thousands of Actos (pioglitazone) patients are taking action. Faced with bladder cancer and other bladder-related health conditions, these men and women have asked tough questions about why they’ve experienced what they’ve experienced. In a tragic number of instances, the answer that they’ve found is that long-term exposure to Actos has resulted in serious adverse health effects.


The role of Actos in bladder cancer isn’t a complete surprise. In 2011, the French and German health agencies took strong actions to limit the availability of Actos in their markets. Shortly after these steps, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required new labeling, but stopped short of a limitation on the drug’s supply.


Regardless of the precise decision, the actions of the French, German, and American health agencies suggest that at the very least patients were insufficiently informed about the true risks associated with this widely prescribed Type 2 diabetes treatment. In response, many patients took action by finding out about the effect of Actos on their health as well as on their legal rights.


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Actos Patients Take Action