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Attorney Jonathan Novak Urges America to Take Action Against the Opioid Crisis

Fears Nachawati trial lawyer Jonathan Novak was a special guest on a recent edition of the Lawyer 2 Lawyer podcast, where he provided background on the causes of the opioid epidemic and described legal strategies being used to hold pharmaceutical companies, distributers and other parties along the supply chain accountable. In litigation that seeks sweeping economic penalties for damages caused by opioid drugs, attorneys are using strategies successfully honed in the 1990s to hold tobacco companies accountable for damages caused by their products.

In this segment, Mr. Novak explains why litigation is necessary to hold opioid makers and distributers accountable for damages inflicted on communities across the country. “In my work at DEA, one thing I found every single time is that these companies do not have any interest in altruism,” he said. “They are not going to do what’s right. We need to make them do that.”

Click here to listen to the full Lawyer 2 Lawyer podcast on Legal Talk Network.

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