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Can I Apply For US Citizenship If I File For Bankruptcy?

There is no immigration law, statute, or regulation that specifically forbids individuals who have filed for bankruptcy from applying for naturalization. Filing for bankruptcy will not necessarily disqualify you from becoming a US citizen. Basically, the Department of Homeland Security list the following general requirements for naturalization as:

  • A period of continuous residence and physical presence in the United States.
  • Residence in a particular USCIS District prior to filing.
  • An ability to read, write and speak English.
  • A knowledge and understanding of U.S. history and government.
  • Good moral character.
  • Attachment to the principles of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Favorable disposition toward the United States.

Depending on the circumstances, the Department of Homeland Security, in its wide discretion, may deem filing for bankruptcy as proof of poor moral character.  Therefore, it may be wise for you to consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to discuss the procedures and implications of filing for bankruptcy.


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Can I Apply For US Citizenship If I File For Bankruptcy?