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The Importance of Seeking Medical Treatment Immediately After an Accident

If you’ve been involved with an accident at work, you might be confused over your rights and what steps you should take – you feel an allegiance to your workplace, which is completely natural. Your instincts might be to minimize the issue, because you don’t want anyone to get in trouble, you don’t want to cost the company money, and you don’t want to jeopardize your job.

Of utmost importance, however, is seeking medical treatment immediately after an accident at your workplace. Often times, symptoms of a serious injury might not be readily apparent, sometimes taking hours, days or even weeks to present themselves. This includes pain and numbness, and even dizziness.

Secondarily, getting medical treatment as soon as possible is integral to any personal injury case you make with the help of a Dallas work injury attorney, like Fears Nachawati.

Why Immediate Medical Treatment is So Important

While you might delay medical treatment or getting a lawyer involved immediately after the accident because you are concerned about your job, you need to think about your health, and your family’s well being. If you end up being unable to work in the future because of an accident that occurred previously in the workplace, that will cost your family in more ways than one.

What If You Don’t Think You Were Injured?

Waiting at the hospital is so unenjoyable, people would do anything to avoid it, including believing they aren’t injured enough to warrant a trip to seek medical treatment.

But it’s important to understand that your body releases adrenaline into your blood stream when something shocking happens to your system, like an accident at work. This adrenaline often masks the pain you would normally be feeling – but only for a short time. Once your body recovers from the initial shock, you might be hurt much more seriously than you realized at first.

Also, brain trauma, whiplash and similar neck injuries could take weeks to manifest themselves. You might not even connect the workplace accident with these injuries because so much time has passed.

Why Does Seeking Attention Immediately Help My Case?

Insurance companies want very much to deny your claims, or anyone else’s, for that matter. They’re in the business of making money and holding onto it, which means fighting accident claims. If you wait to seek attention, the insurance company will attempt to disprove the connection between the accident and the injury.

Did you decline medical attention at the scene of the accident? That’s OK, but you should seek medical attention immediately afterward in order to start the documentation of your injuries and all treatment.

An experienced Dallas work injury attorney, like Fears Nachawati, will recommend seeking medical attention immediately after an accident in the workplace. They know this is integral to your health as well as your personal injury case. Call them for advice at (214) 890-0711, or visit their downtown offices on Greenville Avenue, just north of E. University Blvd.  If you’re from outside of Dallas, you can visit their offices in Austin, Fort Worth, Houston and Dallas, as well as in Denver and Tampa.

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