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Jury Returns $3 Million Verdict in Defective IVC Filter Case

When a woman was forced to undergo a painful surgery in order to have a defective medical device removed, Fears Nachawati took the lead and got her the compensation she needed to make sure her medical needs were covered. And the jury returned $3 million verdict in defective ivc filter case.

The inferior vena cava is a large vein that takes blood from the lower half of the body and returns it to the heart. IVC filters, placed in this vein, help reduce the chance of blood clots that originate in the legs or pelvis, occasionally travel to the lungs, and cause blockages and pulmonary embolisms. Tonya Brand had an IVC filter implanted before undergoing a spinal procedure and suffered medical complications when it deteriorated and broke apart inside her body. Fragments of the device were found in Ms. Brand’s thigh, as well as near her spine. While she was able to have some of these pieces removed, others are in parts of her body that make removal unsafe and will have to remain.

Fears Nachawati played a lead role on Ms. Brand’s trial team. After hearing the evidence, the jury in her trial agreed that the IVC filter involved was dangerous and defective and awarded Ms. Brand $3 million in damages. Fears Nachawati co-founder Majed Nachawati responded to the verdict by saying, “They’ve sent a message that there’s a problem with IVC filters, and they’ve put manufacturers on notice that they will be held accountable.”

Cook Medical, which manufactures the filters, claimed that what happened to Ms. Brand was very rare and occurred in less than 1 percent of the devices. However, thousands of lawsuits have been filed all over the country by individuals who had similar experiences. So many, in fact, that they have been consolidated into federal multidistrict litigation. In some instances, these devices perforated artery walls after breaking apart and have required painful surgeries to have them removed. Fears Nachawati has taken a leadership role here as well, to ensure that others get the same help Ms. Brand was able to.

If an individual has suffered due to a defective IVC filter or other medical device, they’re encouraged to call and speak with one of Fears Nachawati’s experienced trial attorneys. They can evaluate their case and get them the help they need.