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Occupational Driver’s License: Do I Have To Have A Job To Get One?

A common question that arises when a client seeks an occupational driver’s license is “do I have to be working to get one?”  In many circumstances the answer is “no.”  This scenario typically comes up in the case of a stay-at-home parent or a person who is currently out of work and is seeking a job.

In these situations we simply state in the occupational driver’s license petition that the applicant must be able to drive to “seek employment, for transportation to and from any employment obtained by Petitioner, to travel to and from a place of worship, and/or to perform essential family, healthcare and household duties.”  As long as the applicant does not have a particularly negative driving history or criminal record the court will usually grant the Petition.

If you find yourself with a suspended driver’s license and need to drive for any of these reasons please call our office today to start the process.

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