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Oil Rigs Accidents, Oil Spills and the Dangers to Workers

Oil Rig Accidents often involve circumstances where workers fall off rigs, often resulting in a fatality or serious bodily injury.  Oil rig companies often work quickly after a catastrophic injury or death on a rig in an attempt to evade liability and accountability for their failure in maintaining a safe work environment for their employees.  Families of deceased rig workers are often left wondering what happened to their loved one–and frequently never receive the true story of what happened.  The most important steps that need to be taken after a rig accident is ensuring the following:

1.  Inspection of the rig in question;

2.  Investigation of every person who was working on the rig;

3.  Taking pictures and video surveillance of the accident scene;

4.  Starting the investigation immediately to ensure evidence is not altered or destroyed by the rig owner and operators; and

5.  Hiring a lawyer skilled in handling catastrophic Oil Rig Accidents.

Questions concerning serious rig accidents can be directed to Oil Rig lawyer, Bryan Fears, who is active in the Gulf Oil Spill claims and several other land rig claims across the nation.  Mr. Fears can be reached at 1.866.705.7584 or by email at

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Oil Rigs Accidents, Oil Spills and the Dangers to Workers