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Paxil Set-Asides and Settlements Validate Claims

Recently, GlaxoSmithKlein (GSK) pharmaceudical giant and maker of the powerful antidepressant Paxil (paroxetine) set aside as much as $6 billion to settle governmental and class action claims associated with a series of drugs which have given rise to considerable litigation. One of those drugs, Paxil, is particularly troubling for GSK as medical studies have found that the tragically popular SSRI medication may cause infant birth defects when taken during pregnancy. Past settlements have reached $1 million.


What kind of birth defects have been linked to prenatal Paxil exposure? Unfortunately, the list is long and includes developmental defects like clubbed foot and cleft lip, cardiac defects like septal heart defects and neurological complications like spina bifida.


If you took Paxil during pregnancy and your child was born with one of these kinds of medical conditions, you should contact the personal injury professionals at Fears Nachawati today. With years of experience and dedicated expertise, we know the advice you need to understand your rights and protect your family’s interests. For your free consultation, call us at 1.866.545.8364 or email We can help.

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Paxil Set-Asides and Settlements Validate Claims