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Seven Common Insurance Company Tricks

Before we take a deeper look into some common insurance company tricks, it’s important to realize that they are in the business of making money. While some of their tactics might seem underhanded, squeezing money out of the hands of those that are injured, understand that there are also a lot of people committing insurance fraud, squeezing them back.

As a Houston personal injury law firm, Fears Nachawati has seen it all, and we want to help you stay on the lookout. We found seven of the most common insurance company tricks you should be on the lookout for, as they try to keep their money, and eliminate the chances of handing more over to you. But if you’re an accident victim, and you’re due what’s coming to you,  you deserve the correct compensation.

Seven Common Insurance Company Tricks to Watch Out For

Insurance companies will try to take advantage of the fact you are going through this for the first time, and that you might be struggling with issues, mentally and physically, because of your accident.

  1. Pretending to Be On Your Side

Just because they’re an insurance company that wasn’t directly in the accident, you might think they’re unattached like a third-party witness. But in fact, they are very much involved because claim adjusters are on the side of the insurance company, trying to save money by not paying you all that you’re owed.

  1. Getting Your Statement at a Difficult Time

Insurance companies want your version of what transpired as quickly as possible, so they can turn around and use that information against you. They might even tell you that you must give a statement immediately, but this is not true.

Often, after an accident – especially a traumatic one, the details are fuzzy, and they will likely get you to say something that costs you some of your compensation.

  1. Talking You Out of Legal Representation

Claims adjusters are professionals and they argue these cases for a living. The last thing they want is for you to get someone that really is on your side, that has similar experience in arguing these cases. A good Houston personal injury law firm will negotiate for you, and they’ll have your injuries evaluated correctly.

  1. Offering You Money to Sign a Release

After an accident, you might be desperate to get some income, since you’ve lost wages by not being able to go to work. The insurance company will certainly take advantage of that and offer you a much smaller sum just to get you to sign a release.

Get a lawyer on your side. Statistics show that accident victims with a lawyer end up with much more money, even after they’ve given a percentage to their attorneys.

  1. Minimizing Your Injuries

One thing adjusters will do is tell you you’re getting unnecessary medical treatment and that they won’t approve it. One thing to remember is that your doctors are in charge of your medical needs, not the insurance company.

  1. Spying and Tracking Your Social Media

Insurance investigators have been known to follow people and video them doing an activity that might not be consistent considering their injuries. Be honest about your limitations – and don’t post things on social media that would incriminate you.

  1. Delaying or Dribbling Payments

Insurance companies don’t want to pay you. So they’ll try to deny your claims as best they can, but a lawyer will be on top of that. They’ll also try to send you small payments, dripping in over time, with the idea that you’ll either accept a smaller lump sum, or that you’ll end up dying before they can pay everything.

A Houston personal injury law firm, like Fears Nachawati, will help you understand what type of compensation an accident victim should be asking for. Give them a call at (713) 589-6958, or come talk to them at their downtown Houston offices at 3730 Kirby Drive. You can also visit their offices in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio, as well as their offices in Denver and Tampa.

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