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Six Great Tips for Motorcycle Safety on Texas Roads

Motorcycle drivers need more help in the state of Texas than in any other state.

The Federal Highway Administration showed that there are 675,580 total lane miles in the state of Texas. That’s nearly twice as big as California, the state with the second-most total lane miles at 394,608, and almost as much as both California and Illinois (the second and third states) combined (just over 700,000 total lane miles).

The Fears Nachawati Law Firm shares some tips for motorcycle safety on Texas roads.

Six Tips for Motorcycle Safety on Texas Roads

The Lone Star State has close to eight percent of the total lane miles in the United States! Use these tips to help stay safe on the streets.

Wear a Helmet: Texas state law demands that motorcycle drivers wear helmets while driving in their state, unless they’re a 21-year-old driver that has completed a Department-approved Motorcycle Operator Training Course, or they can provide proof of at least $10,000 in medical insurance coverage. But all Texas motorcycle drivers should still wear helmets, as they reduce risk of death, as well as brain and spine injuries.

Wear Bright Colors: Driving a motorcycle means you’re a smaller object on the road than a car or a truck, which makes it tough for other drivers to see you. Stand out with a brightly colored jacket or helmet.

Get Antilock Brakes: Riding motorcycles with antilock brakes will make your bike more stable, and reduce the chances of skidding and laying the bike down.

Stay Out of Bad Weather: Weather apps on phones are so helpful these days, allowing you to see inclement weather coming into your area. So, take a look before you get on the roads and check the weather radars for bad weather moving in. If you are driving and you get caught in a storm, it’s always best to pull over under an overpass and wait it out.

Wear Leather: One of the scariest parts about driving a motorcycle is that there’s nothing separating you and road if you do end up skidding and laying the bike down. Leather is flexible and tough and it keeps the abrasions down if you are thrown from your bike onto the blacktop.

Stay Out of Blind Spots of Other Drivers: You have to be even more aware of other drivers, especially those in cars and trucks when you drive a motorcycle. Be a defensive driver and see their mistakes before they make them. Stay out of their blind spots by either speeding up or slowing down, making sure they can either see you in front of them or in their rear-view mirrors.

Follow these tips for motorcycle safety on Texas roads and you’ll improve your chances greatly of getting to your destination safely! If you are unfortunate enough to get into an accident, call an Austin motorcycle accident attorney, like Fears Nachawati at (512) 535-2206, and let us help you get compensation with proper representation against the insurance companies.

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