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Some Cardiologists Shy from Pradaxa

For sixty years, patients have had a choice of either bearing the risk of stroke directly or taking warfarin, a prescription blood thinner with harsh potential side effects. In 2010, the situation seemed to change with the release of Pradaxa. Unfortunately, recent research findings have caused some patients – and cardiologists – to grow concerned about whether Pradaxa really is the best way forward.


The nonprofit Institute for Safe Medication Practices estimated that in 2011 more than 500 Americans died from side effects related to Pradaxa. At more than five times the number of fatalities as warfarin, this research underscores the greater severity of extreme risk associated with Pradaxa. To add legal insult to medical injury, the alleged failure of the maker of Pradaxa to sufficiently warn patients and health care providers has given rise to a number of civil actions.


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Some Cardiologists Shy from Pradaxa