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Strategy of Big Insurance, Mediation and Slip and Falls in Texas

Quite typical these days is dealing with insurance companies that employ aggressive tactics in dealing with slip and fall claims that occur in Texas.  For plaintiffs, it is frustrating, as injured clients are often bewildered and shocked that insurance companies would attempt to avoid liability at all costs–even in cases where liability is clear.

Unfortunately, what the average person does not know is that Texas law overwhelming favors Big Business and Big Insurance when it comes to slip and fall liability claims.  It is important to know that the adjusters working for the insurance companies frequently tell defense attorneys how to handle the claim, oftentimes ignoring even the business owner’s testimony that they were responsible for the fall.  Big Insurance always points out at some point in most cases that they have the Texas Supreme Court in their back pockets, and they have taken steps through lobbying to ensure that the deck is stacked against any injured person who tries to bring a claim based on premises liability.

It is important for the Texas people to take a stand against Big Business and Big Insurance.  As I always tell potential clients, it is oftentimes easy to ignore the struggle of the injured, but when it happens to you, it is a different story.

A monumental principal of morality is to take the time to walk in the shoes of another in an attempt to understand or appreciate the magnitude of their struggle. Remember, it could happen to you next. If an insurance company is giving you the run around, contact our law office for legal information concerning your potential claim. or 1 (866) 705-7584.

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Strategy of Big Insurance, Mediation and Slip and Falls in Texas