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Swedish Study of Paxil Raises Additional Concerns

Paxil (paroxetine) is a uniquely dangerous drug. Like many dangerous drugs, the risks associated with Paxil are severe, including life-threatening conditions. Unlike most dangerous drugs, however, Paxil doesn’t impose serious risk to the person taking the drug, but to a related third-party. In the case of Paxil, the related third-party is none other than the child who develops in a mother’s womb.


According to a recently published study conducted in Sweden, birth defects were twice as common among pregnant mothers who took Paxil during their pregnancy than women who did not take Paxil. The good news is that Paxil birth defects may be surgically repaired. The bad news is that failure to address Paxil-induced birth defects promptly could result in severe heart complications and cause permanent injury and death.


Paxil may have hurt your child and your family. Fortunately for you, the American court system gives you a way to fight back. Find out how the Fears Nachawati attorneys can help you protect your legal rights and financial interests in the wake of a dangerous drug injury. Your free consultation is just a phone call or email away.Call us at 1.866.545.8364 or email We’re ready to fight for you!

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Swedish Study of Paxil Raises Additional Concerns