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Taking Advantage of Generous Texas Exemptions

Bankruptcy is a challenging and difficult time. With creditors pulling at you in different ways, it can be easy to think that finding the money for a personal bankruptcy attorney isn’t a high priority. While the law allows debtors to file on their own behalf, known as pro se, for many individuals this is a serious mistake.


A dedicated, experienced attorney can help you navigate the various challenges associated with your bankruptcy. For instance, he can advise you as to whether you should file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Or he can ensure that you’ve completed all the necessary filing documents. And, of course, he can also protect you from inadvertently making a false statement and, as a result, facing potentially steep civil or criminal sanctions.


Perhaps most importantly for your case, a knowledgeable bankruptcy professional can also help you take advantage of the generous exemptions offered under Texas law. While you may lose a significant amount of personal property in your bankruptcy, state law shields a portion of your assets, such as a qualifying home, certain personal property, and various insurance contracts and pension plans. When you’re trying to get back on your feet after bankruptcy, these assets can be instrumental to your recovery.


Want to know more about how the lawyers at the Dallas law firm of Fears Nachawati may be able to help you? Talk to our devoted team today. With years of experience, we know about the exemptions you may want to claim and the pitfalls you may want to avoid.


Taking Advantage of Generous Texas Exemptions