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Talking to Your Parents about Pradaxa

For the adult children of older parents, there are often more taboo topics of conversation than religion and politics. Ironically, in fact, religion and politics are frequent topics of conversation in many families, but day-to-day matters like personal finances and personal health may be considerably tougher waters to navigate.


This is understandable. Nevertheless, it’s important that you recognize that as your parents age, their ability to solve problems gradually deteriorates, even as the challenges they face become more complex. You may need to be more sensitive to their needs, regardless of the fact that it may be uncomfortable for you – and for them.


Older Americans increasingly confront the need for blood-thinners like Pradaxa. For thousands of patients, Pradaxa helps prevent the possibility of stroke. On the other hand, a meaningful and growing number of Pradaxa patients have experienced potentially harmful side effects – most notably, internal bleeding – as a result of this prescription blood-thinner. When that’s the case, it may be important to take legal action.


For many families, adult children are the people best positioned to advise older parents and encourage them to speak with a legal professional about their Pradaxa side effects. Do you have questions about Pradaxa? Our professionals can answer your questions and prepare you for a conversation with your family members about the relationship between their health and their legal rights. For your free consultation, call us at 1.866.545.8364 or email We’re ready to give you the counsel you need.

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Talking to Your Parents about Pradaxa