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The Zoloft Danger Zone: The First Trimester

For a pregnant woman, Zoloft (sertraline) is never entirely without risk. Recent medical studies, however, suggest that the likelihood of a fetus developing a Zoloft-related birth defect is highest when exposure occurs during the first trimester. In fact, for a particular kind of heart condition known as a septal defect, the risk is 200 percent higher if the fetus is exposed to Zoloft during the first trimester.


Was your child born with a birth defect? Are you a Zoloft patient? Your child’s medical condition and your prescription antidepressant may be more closely connected than you might think. Is the connection strong enough to support a legal recovery? This is precisely the question that many victims and their families are asking – and that the experienced and dedicated attorneys at Fears Nachawati are prepared to answer.


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The Zoloft Danger Zone: The First Trimester