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Three Ways to Avoid Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lots might be where you’re used to driving the slowest in your car, but you might be interested to find out that nearly 20 percent of all accidents happen in parking lots.

If one in five accidents happen in a parking lot, then there’s much more going on there than just some slow driving.

People driving around in parking lots are distracted, thinking about what they’re about to do or about what they just did, whether it’s shopping, picking up food to go, seeing a medical professional or the hundreds of other things that can happen in plaza with a big lot.

Three Smart Ways to Avoid Parking Lot Accidents

You might be surprised how much you can help avoid parking lot accidents by implementing a couple of these tips.

Set Your Car Up For Success

While you certainly need to be conscious of your surroundings, you can actually get your car better prepared for parking lot insanity!

Get rear-view cameras installed on your car, or when you go to buy a new car, make sure it has that feature. You should consider the cars with parking assist systems, too, so you don’t have to bother with parallel parking problems.

Also, move your side mirrors out a little bit more so that you can see a wider view – do you really need to see the entire side of your car? Bend them out a bit.

Stay Away From Other Parkers

Park farther away from the pack of cars that are bunched together near the door. Walking is an added bonus, but keeping all those distracted drivers away from your car will save you from unintended accidents or damage. If you have to park closer, try to park in a pull-through spot, so you don’t have to back out when you leave the parking lot.

Stay Alert For Stray Cars––and Carts

Drive at school-zone speed and keep your headlights on to help other drivers see you coming. Wait until you put your car in park before beginning your disembarking procedures (grabbing your purse, phone and money).

Also, keep an eye out for stray shopping carts. All it takes is a bump from a car or a strong gust of wind to shove a cart right into your fender.

Speaking of gusty winds, park away from other cars on windy days, keeping you from getting door-dinged by another car because the wind grabbed their door and flung it open farther than they meant.

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