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Top Prescribers of Acthar Have Ties to Manufacturer, Questcor

Acthar, an expensive specialty drug prescribed to patients with various auto-immune and neurological diseases, has come under scrutiny in recent times for its severe and potentially deadly side effects. It’s also recently coming under more criticism because of the relationship many doctors have with its manufacturer, Questcor. 

In 2012 alone, for example, 18 practitioners wrote 15 or more prescriptions for Acthar. At least 9 of those 18 practitioners were promotional speakers, researchers, or consultants for Questcor. Perhaps more importantly, many of those doctors had issues with their medical track records. One neurologist, Dr. Sean Orr, had his license suspended in 2011. Although he was not a top prescriber, he was a promotional speaker for the drug and company. The same doctor was also accused of misdiagnosing healthy patients with neurological diseases in order to prescribe them expensive treatments and medications like Acthar. 

The conflict of interest that these financial relationships reveal is obvious. Doctors have a financial incentive to prescribe the medication, whether a patient may need it or not. Furthermore, at $28,000 for a five-milliliter vial, Acthar is not an inexpensive drug and also generates 95% of Questcor’s revenues. 


Legal Commentary
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