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Transvaginal Mesh & the Trouble with Alternatives

If transvaginal mesh (TVM) procedures were the only game in town, doctors, lawyers, judges, and juries would more readily accept the risks associated with injury as a necessary evil. However, that’s not the case. TVM surgeries are just one approach to POP and SUI – and in a number of situations, they’re the more dangerous one.


The reality is that for many patients, non-mesh procedures are less risky and may provide a similar level of support for vaginal walls and bladder tissue as compared to TVM surgeries. Despite this cost-benefit scenario, some patients have nevertheless undergone TVM procedures and paid the tragic result of vaginal pain and difficulty engaging in sex. At the heart of this health tragedy is the device manufacturer’s failure to warn health care providers and patients about the full risks associated with this risky product.


Are you a TVM patient who should have gone with an alternative to a mesh procedure? You may have been a victim of a systemic attempt to obfuscate reality and push you toward a medical device you didn’t need. To find out if your legal rights were violated, speak with the attorneys at the law firm of Fears Nachawati today. For your free consultation, call us at 1.866.545.8364 or email

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Transvaginal Mesh & the Trouble with Alternatives