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Were You Prepared for Pradaxa’s Risks?

Pradaxa, a powerful anticoagulant, has helped thousands of potential stroke victims avert the potential for a blood clot to form and, as a result, cause potentially catastrophic health effects.


Like many medications, Pradaxa isn’t without its risks. In 2011, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that thousands of Americans reported adverse health effects and more than 500 deaths. Pradaxa is powerful and potentially helpful, but it’s also a very real potential source of serious harm. Side effect victims experienced uncontrollable bleeding, hemorrhage, and intestinal bleeding, among other conditions.


For patients who have experienced a Pradaxa side effect, the real question when it comes to your legal rights is whether you were adequately warned of the risks you faced at the time you made the decision to take this powerful prescription medication. Sadly, for far too many victims, the answer is that they really didn’t know what to expect.


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Were You Prepared for Pradaxa’s Risks?