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What Are the Lexapro-Related Cardiac Birth Defects?

For women who took Lexapro (escitalopram) during pregnancy and whose infant was born with a cardiac birth defect, one question often arises: were my Lexapro treatments responsible for my child’s suffering?


It’s a personal question. However, it’s also a medical question and a legal one, too. Recent medical studies have determined that taking Lexapro during pregnancy can increase the risk that the infant will suffer childhood birth defects that include such cardiac conditions as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, pulmonary stenosis, septal defects, and tetralogy of fallout, among other conditions.


Has your child suffered one of these painful and threatening cardiac defects? If you took Lexapro during your pregnancy, it may be time to find out whether one caused the other – and whether the law provides you with a remedy capable of righting a serious wrong.


The attorneys at the Dallas law firm of Fears Nachawati can help you answer these and many other important questions about Lexapro, cardiac birth defects, and your family. With years of experience representing patients like you, we know how to fight for your rights. Talk to us today for your free consultation. All you have to do is email or call 1.866.545.8364. We’re ready to give you the help you need.

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What Are the Lexapro-Related Cardiac Birth Defects?