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What Are Your Bankruptcy Exemptions in Texas?

In bankruptcy law, exemptions are important. In many ways, they define what’s possible in your bankruptcy. Fortunately, in Texas, bankruptcy exemptions are particularly generous, so you can keep more of your most valued things in life.


What are some examples of Texas’ generous exemptions? For a single individual, you can keep up to $30,000 in personal assets, a vehicle, life insurance policies, qualified retirement accounts, and Social Security benefits, among other valuable assets.


For Texas debtors, your home is your castle and, in keeping with this analogy, your exempt property is like the provisions you can shield behind the castle walls. Your creditors can ravage the area outside of the walls – your non-exempt property – but you can keep some of your most treasured items safe. This isn’t just important for the present; it’s also critical as you think about rebuilding your financial life in the future.


How should you prepare for life in – and after – bankruptcy? As you would imagine, identifying your exempt property is an important initial step. So is meeting with your dedicated, qualified Fears Nachawati bankruptcy professionals. With years of experience in this important area of the law, we know how to advise you. Talk to our team today to learn what you should do to get your financial house in order. 


What Are Your Bankruptcy Exemptions in Texas?