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What Can I Do If My Child Is Accused of A Crime?

If you are a parent, then the well-being of your children is always priority one. There are so many things that we have to worry about on a daily basis, whether it is bullying, the character of their friends, how they are doing in school, and so much more. One of the last things a parent ever dreams of is that their child will be accused of a crime.

You try to do your best teaching them the difference between right and wrong, but kids are impulsive and often respond to peer pressure that can result either in an actual commission of a crime or an accusation that they committed a crime when they did not.

Children are often charged for such crimes as theft and burglary, assault or battery, drug possession, driving under the influence and even more serious crimes such as homicide or those of a sexual nature, ranging from sexual harassment to rape or molestation.

Shoplifting and breaking into a car or home are crimes of theft or burglary and are perhaps the most frequently committed by adolescents. Children who commit these crimes face a sentence of a year or more in a youth detention center and they are under the jurisdiction of juvenile court.

A sexual crime, including molestation or rape, and assault or homicide, are considered to be more serious and could result in a sentence of several years in jail, even for a minor.

Your Child Has Rights

Your child has rights as he negotiates through the juvenile system and it is imperative that you ensure that these rights are upheld. These rights are based on U.S. Supreme Court decisions and state laws and include:

  • Probable cause to be searched
  • A phone call after an arrest.
  • Right to counsel.
  • Notice of the charges faced.
  • Right to confront and cross-examine witnesses.
  • Right not to incriminate him or herself.
  • Charges must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

What A Parent Should Do

Your first step upon learning that your child has been charged with a crime is to seek out qualified legal representation. While your first reaction may be to lash out at police or the accusers, it’s important that you don’t do anything that could make matters worse. For example, it is advised that you don’t speak to police without a lawyer present and that you preserve any evidence that could help prove his or her innocence.

In addition, the parent should take action to ensure the emotional wellbeing of the child and family unit. For example, you should find a support group that consists of other parents who have a child that has been charged as well as a therapist who can help parents get through the grief.

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