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What Does it Mean to Be A Public Client?

Many state and local governments across the state of Texas are struggling in an increasingly complex legal world as they try to meet the needs of their constituencies. Not only must they keep abreast of many new and changing laws, but they also must ensure that they are in compliance with ongoing regulations, engage in business with private businesses and contractors, manage budgets that are struggling, and ensure that they protect and wisely use their taxpayer dollars.

It’s no secret that government services and activities have expanded dramatically over the past few decades, while state and local budgets have come under increasing strain to keep up as they face ever mounting challenges to government authority. It has become increasingly obvious to many small governments that the breadth and increasing complexity of legal issues confronting them on a daily basis is often beyond the capabilities of a single lawyer or small legal department to handle adequately.

Some of the most commonly faced legal challenges include cases relating to land use, antitrust issues, civil rights legislation, workplace discrimination and sexual harassment, environmental issues, inter-governmental relations, regulatory matters, municipal financing, construction claims, and much more. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the complicated legal matters facing state and local governments.

Being a public client means taking on the services of a private law firm in order to help meet the legal needs of public entities (ranging from state, city, county, school districts, and so forth) as they undertake large-scale legal matters that require not only specialized expertise but also additional resources.

Fears Nachawati’s public client practice serves to help level the playing field against powerful corporate actors with large legal resources, deep pockets, and expansive lobbying budgets. We aim to help local governments protect the public interest as they seek to recover a just compensation for wrongful or illegal business practices.

Increasingly, we’ve seen the rise of unfair and fraudulent business practices prompting state and local governments to take a stand against those who have not only hurt or harmed the safety and well-being of citizens but also eroded budgets as they siphon off taxpayer money while getting rich in the process.

Our team is currently helping public clients struggling with the devastating effects of opioids as they file cases against manufacturers, distributors, and drugstores for reimbursement of health and law enforcement services related to the opioid addiction epidemic. The fact is, numerous businesses made many hundreds of millions of dollars creating addicts across the country while our small cities suffered extreme financial hardship to combat the resulting strain on medical facilities, law enforcement, and jails or prisons.

We are also helping many school districts in their effort to recover damages for defective artificial turf fields that were sold with long-lasting warranties and guarantees but which failed rapidly, and many years earlier than anticipated. These fields were promised to save significant amounts of money due to reductions in maintenance, upkeep, and so forth, yet would end up costing many hundreds of thousands more dollars for their early replacement, which is not tenable for most school districts.

Our team of experienced litigation attorneys are dedicated to supporting local governments protect the well-being of the public from businesses with unethical practices, and we stand by ready to help our public clients. Our attorneys understand the needs and constraints of local governments and have deep experience when it comes to representing and advising state and local governments and governmental entities.

Fears Nachawati’s state local government law attorneys are ideally suited to help state and local governments to meet the complex legal field facing us today. If you represent a public entity struggling with the today’s legal challenges, then please contact our public client team by emailing, by calling (866) 705-7584, or by visiting the offices of Fears Nachawati located throughout the great state of Texas, including in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, and San Antonio.

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