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What Is A Letter of Protection?

A Letter of Protection (LOP) is something used in the U.S. legal system that helps those hurt in an accident get proper medical treatment for their injuries. Health insurance can be costly and many people are unable to afford it and still manage to pay all of their other bills.

When someone is injured in an accident that happens to be someone else’s fault, they might not have the funds to pay for medical care initially. Often those individuals find themselves waiting to get reimbursed once their case is settled.

That’s where a Letter of Protection comes. Letters of Protection are commonly necessary in auto accidents where the medical bills exceed $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits and no health insurance is there to supplement it.

A Fort Worth truck accident lawyer, like Fears Nachawati, is experienced in submitting Letters of Protection for wrongfully injured persons seeking help with their medical bills.

3 Things to Know About a “Letter of Protection”

Whether a person has been wrongfully injured in an auto accident, a slip-and-fall accident or an on-the-job accident, a Letter of Protection can be used to help a victim seek the medical treatment they need.

Lawyer Issues Letter of Protection To Doctor

Once a wrongfully injured person explains that they’re unable to pay for any medical care because they don’t have health insurance, their lawyer would send a Letter of Protection to the healthcare provider asking them not to send their bill to collections.

A person cannot simply request a Letter of Protection from their doctor– it has to be submitted by an attorney.

Lawyer is Not Responsible For Payment

While a Letter of Protection is a contract between the lawyer and the healthcare provider, the injured client is still responsible for payment. That attorney is not held accountable for the money owed after the case is over. Once the settlement occurs, the client will have to pay their medical costs.

If a settlement is not reached, or the case is lost, the injured client will have to pay for their medical care bills.

“Letters of Protection” Are For Medical Providers Only

Many people might think the same kind of arrangement can be made with their auto lender or their mortgage company, but lawyers won’t agree to issue an LOP for anything that’s not directly related to the injury and medical costs.

It’s also possible that a hospital or a doctor performing surgery will not accept a Letter of Protection.

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