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When Is the Right Time to Settle Your Pradaxa Claim?

Pradaxa is a powerful drug designed to thin a patient’s blood and, in turn, reduce the risk or prevent the occurrence of blood clots. That’s what the maker of this pharmaceudical product has been quick to tell the public. What Pradaxa’s manufacturer has been slower to communicate is the fact that within 6 months of its release, the FDA received more than 500 reports of internal bleeding or death.


For many patients and their families, the detrimental health effects of Pradaxa have given rise to valuable legal claims. Some have even filed lawsuit against the responsible drug maker, fighting for a chance at justice and compensation.


If this sounds familiar to you, there’s a question to which you need to know the answer: when is the right time to settle. For some families, there is no right time. They want to pursue litigation all the way until they reach a jury verdict and, if appealed, an appellate decision in their favor. For many other victims, there’s a careful balancing that must occur. How long should litigation go on? How many months or years do I want to give to this process? When have I secured justice for my loved ones?


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When Is the Right Time to Settle Your Pradaxa Claim?