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Why Experienced Bankruptcy Counsel Matters

Filing for personal bankruptcy doesn’t take place in a vacuum. Phone calls and home visits from debt collectors, piles of unpaid credit card bills, and painful, personal rejections from bank lenders often precede a debtor’s decision to file bankruptcy.


When the stress is this high and the issues are this complicated, it’s helpful to have an attorney who has experience with the questions and answers, laws and facts, and hopes and fears associated with your personal bankruptcy. Specifically, some of the common issues that an experienced professional at Fears Nachawati can help you address are what deadlines you may face, what state and federal laws apply to your case, whether your home can be saved from foreclosure, and what will happen to your personal assets.


Our experienced professionals can advise you as to whether Chapter 13 is available to you and your family, whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 best addresses your concerns, and how you can move from financial insolvency to financial stability. The choices are yours and the options are many. Fortunately, we’re prepared to explain what’s possible. 


Why Experienced Bankruptcy Counsel Matters