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Why You Should Not Represent Yourself in Auto Accident Bodily Injury Claims

When an accident occurs it can be a difficult and somewhat uncomfortable time for those involved. Making a claim against the at-fault driver through the driver’s insurance company for the damages oftentimes presents many different questions. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they will save money by not hiring an attorney. I call these people the do-it-yourselfers. If you are thinking about representing yourself for a bodily injury claim, ask yourself this—if you needed surgery, would you try to operate on yourself? In other words, insurance adjusters handle thousands of auto claims a year. It is their goal to pay out as little as possible, and of course, if you have never handled an accident claim before, how in the world do you know whether they are giving you a good settlement offer. Simply put, representation from a competent, experienced personal injury lawyer is important.
. Here are some reasons of why you shouldn’t represent yourself in auto accident bodily injury claim:
• Injuries from automobile accidents may require hospitalization, surgeries, physical therapy and in the most serious cases, lifelong medical care.
• The costs of medical treatment can be huge, amounting in some cases to millions of dollars over the course of an injured person’s lifetime.
• There are many areas in which one is not familiar with dealing with the claims adjuster, repairmen, medical expenses, and litigation that may arise from the incident or any other party involved.
People hurt in an auto accident should be able to receive fair settlements for their medical, hospital bills, car repairs and for their pain and discomfort, which in my view can only be accomplished by seeking legal help. If you have questions about your potential case, the attorneys of Fears & Nachawati work diligently to help you and your loved ones get the medical and financial compensation you deserve.
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