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Xarelto Health Risks

Xarelto is one of the newest blood thinners on the market. The anticoagulant drug is prescribed to patients who have experienced atrial fibulation, are at risk of developing severe blood clots after hip or knee replacement surgery and or to reduce the risk of strokes, pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis. Xarelto is popular because it does not require patients to undergo blood tests to determine the dose and it does not require patients to go in for a routine check-up with their physician. Recently, the health hazards related to Xarelto are alarming; the drug can be fatal by causing abdominal bleeding, hemorrhaging and bleeding in the brain. While most blood thinners on the market have a cure to stop internal bleeding, Xarelto does not. Currently, there is no antidote to stop or reverse the bleeding caused by Xarelto.  Xarelto is designed to stop blood from clotting. There are 13 specific proteins in the blood will start the clotting process. Xarelto is intended to block the protein which prevents the blood clots from forming. This process can be very dangerous if an injury occurs, especially in older adults, because of the possibility of uncontrolled bleeding. Many patients who suffer from severe internal bleeding end up in the hospital, but doctors have no way to reverse the bleeding, which sometimes tragically results in death.

Legal Commentary

Many patients and their attorneys argue that the manufacturers of Xarelto, which include Bayer, Janssen Pharmaceutical and Johnson & Johnson, withheld information and did not properly warn the public about the risks of this dangerous drug. If you or a loved one has fallen victim to any of the side effects of Xarelto, then seeking legal advice may provide you with the ability to hold the manufacturers accountable. Our attorneys have years of experience battling big pharmaceutical corporations.  If you would like free legal information about your Xarelto case, call us for a free case evaluation. You can reach us at 1.866.705.7584 or by email at

About the Author

Majed Nachawati is a preeminent Xarelto Lawyer with a focus on representing Xarelto victims and families harmed by this dangerous drug on a nationwide basis. Mr. Nachawati has resolved numerous cases through trial and settlement that have resulted in seven and eight figure confidential settlements. He is on the Grievance Committee for the State Bar of Texas. He is licensed to practice in the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Districts of Texas. Mr. Nachawati is a member of the Board of Directors of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, the Board of Directors for Public Justice, a Leaders’ Forum and PAC member of the American Association for Justice. Mr. Nachawati has been recognized as a Super Lawyer in Texas Monthly Magazine for the past six consecutive years for legal excellence, in connection with pharmaceutical injury cases. Mr. Nachawati is also a member of The Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Mr. Nachawati can be reached by email

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