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You Can Afford Bankruptcy In Dallas!

Dallas bankruptcy filing rates are far more affordable than most people think. In fact, filing for bankruptcy can save you money on your mortgage and reduce the debt owed to creditors. For example, when you file for bankruptcy in Dallas or Fort Worth (Northern District of Texas), the filing fees for a Chapter 7 and 13 are $299 and $274, respectively.

When you file for bankruptcy in Dallas and pay the filing fees your application will be reviewed by the bankruptcy court and all action by creditors will stop immediately. That means that all harassing calls and liens by creditors must end. Creditors are very well aware of the penalties they face if they continue to take action against you after they have been notified that you have filed for bankruptcy.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a very powerful solution to those in debt as it gives the time and resources to renegotiate your mortgage and other debts with your creditors while saving your home and avoiding liens on your paycheck or bank account.

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You Can Afford Bankruptcy In Dallas!