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Buyer Beware! Woman Punctured in Thumb by Two Syringes found in Shoes Purchased Online


Today is Amazon Prime Day, but you may want to double-check your deliveries. Fears Nachawati Law Firm is now representing a woman who lives in The Colony area outside of DFW says she was stabbed by two hypodermic needles when she placed her hand in her new just delivered Brooks running shoes purchased through Amazon seller Zappos and delivered through Amazon and she wants to make sure this nightmare does not happen to anyone else.

The woman’s attorney Darren McDowell said, “We are very concerned for her safety as we don’t know what was in the syringes or if there will be lasting effects. The fact that she is living in fear of the unknown awaiting test results unacceptable. We want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

After the incident, the woman went to a local hospital where she endured extensive blood work and tests. Even if initial tests are negative of disease, she will have to be tested again possibly multiple times in the future to confirm she is entirely disease free from the incident.

This is not a first for Amazon, courts across the country have previously held Amazon liable for products sold by third parties through the amazon website.

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