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Fears | Nachawati Founding Partner Invited to Speak by American Association for Justice

On February 13, 2013, Majed Nachawati, a founding firm partner and head of  the firm’s personal injury and drug litigation sections, was an invited speaker at the 2013 Winter Convention of the American Association for Justice, the chief nationwide organization of attorneys representing personal injury claimants, held in Miami, Florida. The subject on which Mr. Nachawati spoke during the seminar was “Conquering Negotiation and Settlement Strategies to Win Outside of Trial.”  Mr. Nachawati described various techniques he has used successfully for his firm’s clients to negotiate large settlements of clients’ cases prior to trial.  Mr. Nachawati was happy to receive the speaking invitation and provide other lawyers with the knowledge he has acquired in connection with practicing law on a nationwide basis.  Press and legal inquiries can be sent to Mr. Nachawati at