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How To Apply For A Modification Of My Mortgage

Currently mortgage modification is a very hot topic. It is being seen as an alternative to foreclosure or bankruptcy. Briefly, a loan modification is a process by which the bank modifies the terms of a borrower’s mortgage to lower the monthly payment. The bank can change a person’s interest rate, reduce the principal balance of the overall amount owed and extend the amount of time a person has to pay off the loan (up to 40-50 years). These are some of the ways in which the lender reduces a borrower’s monthly payment to an amount in which they can afford as opposed to foreclosing. Sounds simple enough but as many people find out, dealing with a mortgage servicer takes much time and patience. Most of the time, you will have a hard time reaching them or they will not return your call.

Without legal representation you are basically at the mercy of the mortgage holder. If you are having trouble with your mortgage, an attorney skilled in loan modifications can help:

  • Lower your interest rate to a payment you can afford
  • Stop foreclosure
  • Obtain a principal forbearance
  • Change the terms of an option ARM mortgage

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How To Apply For A Modification Of My Mortgage