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How To Avoid An Interruption In Your Utilities

One of the most embarrassing and inconvenient things that can happen in a household is to have the utility power suddenly turned off. Unfortunately, it can and does happen when someone gets behind in their utility bill and fails to make payment arrangements with the utility company. It can also happen when you are too far behind and cannot catch up. At that point the utility company can only extend past due payments for so long and at an amount that you will not be able to realistically afford.


If you are in this scenario, chances are that you are also behind in other bills. A good option may be to file for bankruptcy. By filing for bankruptcy in Fort Worth the electric company cannot refuse or cut off service. But, the utility company can require a deposit for future service and you will also have to pay bills that arise after bankruptcy is filed.

A bankruptcy lawyer in Fort Worth can go over more specific details case by case, as everyone’s financial situation is unique.


If you are feeling the stress of past due utility bills and not enough money to pay them, then bankruptcy may be a good solution for you.  For a free bankruptcy consultation contact Tarrant County bankruptcy law firm, Fears | Nachawati Law Firm, toll free at (866) 705-7584 or via e-mail at



How To Avoid An Interruption In Your Utilities