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How To Discharge Medical Bills By Filing For A Ch.7 Bankruptcy

One of the most devastating life events can be an illness. It can affect anyone at any time.And what most people do not realize is that even if you are lucky enough to have medical insurance, not all medical costs are covered. Therefore, you can end up with huge medical bills and limited funds to pay them.

As a result, a substantial number of people in Austin (and many other parts of the country) are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to eliminate medical debts. When you file for Chapter 7, your medical debts are discharged and you get to keep all of your property. The process takes approximately four months and you can then immediately start re-building your credit. 


Although the initial filing requirement is simple enough–you only have to live or have property in the United States, there can be complex issues that may require the assistance of an Austin bankruptcy lawyer. For example, you may be wondering when to file. A general suggestion is to not file until all anticipated bills have been incurred. If you are still sick and require expensive medical care, the filing should be delayed. A consultation with an Austin bankruptcy lawyer can explain these and many other issues in more detail.



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How To Discharge Medical Bills By Filing For A Ch.7 Bankruptcy