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Is negligence the only basis for a personal injury lawsuit?

Negligence is only one basis for bringing a personal injury lawsuit. Two others bases for personal injury lawsuits exist: strict liability and intentional wrongdoing.

Strict liability is an area of tort law that has to do with products that are defective in some way when someone is harmed because of that defective. Strict liability means that you do not have to prove negligence on the part of the manufacturer. Instead, you must show that the product was manufactured or designed in a way that makes it unreasonably dangerous when used as intended.

Intentional wrongdoing is a wrongful act that was done purposefully. When someone is negligent, they did not mean to cause harm. Rather, the harm resulted from their careless conduct. An intentional tort is the opposite – the individual against whom you are bringing the personal injury lawsuit meant to harm you in some way.

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Is negligence the only basis for a personal injury lawsuit?