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NBC Investigation on Dangerous Device Exposes IVC Safety Concerns

NBC News investigated the safety concerns from patients implanted with the IVC filter, a medical device that is designed to stop blood clots. The news story revealed that 27 deaths are known to have been caused by complications or malfunctions of the IVC filter. Two of the stories shared by NBC stated that the filters killed patients by migrating to the heart and puncturing it, or by pieces of the IVC filter breaking off and piercing the heart.

The NBC investigation revealed that one IVC filter manufacturer, C.R. Bard, took multiple steps to protect their stock prices when issues with the device were first reported. Bard scrambled to hire PR representatives and medical consultants to shift the focus away from the safety of the IVC filter in favor of the company’s profits over many years. NBC also suggested that the FDA approval of the IVC filter was questionable, as it took Bard multiple attempts to certify the device with the FDA. One story raises questions about the validity of the signature on the FDA application. The Regulatory Specialist who was contracted with Bard in 2002 was not provided with adequate information regarding safety performance testing prior to her possibly forged signature being placed on the FDA form. The NBC report closed with a statement urging patients to seek immediate assistance with any concerns over IVC filters that were implanted to prevent blood clots.

Legal Commentary

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