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NuvaRing: Hundreds of Lawsuits, Dozens of Deaths

For many individuals, couples, and families, NuvaRing has been a source of physical pain, emotional trauma, and even death. According to one report, NuvaRing has given rise to more than 700 lawsuits in the United States. Some of these suits are wrongful death actions raised after a NuvaRing patient developed a blood clot and died.


Risk-taking in health care is common. What’s unique in the case of NuvaRing, however, is that recent reports have emerged which have connected the drug maker’s marketing campaign to dramatic misstatements about the potential injuriousness and lethality of the drug. These misstatements may have influenced doctors to take actions – such as prescribing the drug or improperly advising patients – which inadvertently contributed to the patient’s decision-making and her ultimate injury.


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NuvaRing: Hundreds of Lawsuits, Dozens of Deaths