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Protecting Public Entities, Taxpayers from Dangerous Products, Toxic Contamination, Fraud

Some of the brightest stars in public entity litigation joined Nachawati Law Group in 2023 as part of our long-term goal of building the very best and most-respected public entity litigation group. The additions of Brian McMath, Phil Carlson, Jackie Ortiz and Michaela Hohwieler allow us to work hand-in-hand with cities, states and other governmental entities to obtain justice for the damages caused by dangerous products and fraudulent corporate practices. 

This is a highly specialized area of the law that only a handful of law firms across the country can handle effectively. It demands the same resources and high-level legal and scientific capabilities that we use to obtain justice for individuals in complex mass tort litigation. On top of that, it requires a legal team with experience working within and alongside governmental legal departments. 

These new additions place Nachawati Law Group’s public entity team firmly among the nation’s elite for handling litigation on behalf of governmental entities, including cities, counties, states, and school districts. McMath is the former director of the New Mexico Attorney General’s Consumer & Environmental Protection Division. Carlson is the former chief of the Nebraska Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Bureau. Ortiz is the former deputy director of the New Mexico Attorney General’s Consumer & Environmental Protection Division. Hohwieler is a former assistant attorney general in the Consumer Protection Division of the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office.

“Along with our established team, these attorneys serve as trusted advisors, working seamlessly alongside government legal counsel,” said firm founder Majed Nachawati. “Their specialized skills are available to governments large and small, meaning those governments now have the firepower to take on major corporate interests in complex and first-of-their-kind cases, with little to no risk to the taxpayers.”

Look for us taking the lead in 2024 in the fight to protect consumers and taxpayers from pharmaceutical companies, automakers, credit card marketers, and social media companies that abuse the public trust, as well as corporate practices that damage our natural resources, public property and drinking water.