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Stop Being Bullied by Debt Collectors

Debt collectors can be relentless in their pursuit to collect on past due bills.  The following are some tips on how to avoid being bullied by collecting agencies.  These tips were published in an article in the Dallas Morning News that can be found here

1.  Do not ignore the collector’s calls or written communication. 

2.  Make the collector prove that you owe the debt.

3.  If a collector calls regarding a bill that has already been paid then provide proof to the collecting agency the account is already settled and paid.

4.  Do not tolerate abusive debt collectors who make threats, use foul language or repeatedly call. 

5.  Take action by submitting written notice to debt collectors to cease communication if collection calls become over the top. 

By taking these steps hopefully you can work out a plan to resolve your debt with the collection agencies in a swift manner.  If however you feel you have taken the above action and still feel stressed from collection calls and cannot seem to get caught up on your bills then you may want to speak with an Attorney regarding your options.  If so, contact Fears | Nachawati toll free at 1-866-705-7584 or via e-mail at

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Stop Being Bullied by Debt Collectors