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Waco strip club being sued for negligence over parking lot stabbing

Two men stabbed outside a Waco, Texas, strip club two years ago are suing the establishment, claiming the topless dancers manipulate male patrons and create a dangerous atmosphere.

On June 26th, 2007, two men, Aaron Moreno and Michael Gutierrez, were patronizing the Waco exotic nightclub Two Minnies. Later that night, both men were stabbed outside in an altercation that began inside the club.

The suit names Two Minnies and the club’s owners, James W. Scarborough and Carol A. Scarborough, as defendants.

The altercation allegedly began when a third man became upset that a particular dancer was spending too much time at Moreno’s table. The man, the suit claims, assaulted Moreno inside the club and the altercation continued outside when Moreno was pushed through an exit door into the parking lot. The exit door, the suit alleges, was then locked by the club’s employees, “leaving plaintiff Aaron Moreno outside and unprotected.”

Gutierrez went outside to attempt to help Moreno and was stabbed twice.

The lawsuit alleges that the nightclub was negligent because it failed to train employees in safety procedures, provide security guards or stop the assaults. In addition, the nightclub is accused of being negligent for allowing customers to carry weapons into the bar and for encouraging its dancers to promote the excessive consumption of alcohol.

In addition to the claims of negligence, the lawsuit further alleges that the nightclub is responsible for the plaintiffs’ injuries because the “defendants’ female dance employees are trained by defendants to manipulate male patrons in a manner that produces behavior and conduct that results in patrons’ safety being compromised.”

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Waco strip club being sued for negligence over parking lot stabbing