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What Type of Compensation Are You Entitled From a Car Accident?

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, and you don’t believe it was your fault, you might be wondering how much compensation you’re entitled to.

Many injuries might not manifest themselves for days or even weeks after a car accident. That means the compensation you ask for early on might not truly represent the damages suffered by the negligence of others.

There are actually several different components to a decision like this, but a Dallas auto accident attorney, like Fears Nachawati, understands how to calculate the compensation you should ask for.

Despite any pressures you receive from your insurance company, don’t settle your claim before you’ve seen both a doctor and a lawyer.

Seek Medical Attention

It’s important to get your health checked out immediately after an accident, in order to get medical treatment for any pain or afflictions you’ve suffered. If you’re feeling any back or neck pain, it’s important to be aware of any injuries as soon as possible.

You’ll most likely be in a state of shock right after an accident, which means the brain might be blocking out part of or all of the accident. That means it’s also blocking out some pain from injuries you might not even be aware of having occurred.

Some of the most serious injuries that could affect you include: brain and head trauma, spinal cord injury, whiplash or other neck injuries, back injuries and knee damage. This is on top of any possible broken bones, lacerations, internal injuries or other injuries that caused you pain and suffering.

Hire a Dallas Auto Accident Attorney

By getting a car accident attorney on your side as quickly as possible, your rights as a victim will be protected, and you’ll have the best chance at getting the most compensation from the auto insurance company.

An auto accident lawyer will know what to do and who to call after your accident, and they can help you fill out your insurance claim. You don’t want to have any clerical errors cost you later in the settlement.

Let them help you get a bigger settlement in several different types of cases, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, drunk driving crashes, hit-and-run accidents, pedestrian accidents, and commercial trucking accidents. Each one of those types of events requires different methods of investigation, and they can also mean different levels of compensation, some more than others.

You can request compensation for damages that include vehicle damage, personal property damage and out-of-pocket expenses you had to pay while trying to recover.

The team at Fears Nachawati has handled hundreds of these cases, making them an experienced Dallas auto accident attorney worthy of standing by your side and protecting your rights. Let them help your case as you seek compensation for your auto accident insurance claim. The base office for Fears Nachawati is in Dallas, on Greenville Avenue, but we also have offices in Austin, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, as well as Denver and Tampa.

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